Hybrid Storage

Storage systems that are designed with a blend of flash-based solid state drives (SSD) and hard disk drives (HDD) with the intent to provide the high speed performance of SSDs combined with the cost-effective storage capacity of HDDs.

Flash-Based Storage Products for VMs

Tintri builds VM-aware storage specifically for your virtualized applications—with none of the limitations of traditional physical-first storage. When you store your virtual machines on Tintri, they perform 6x faster, pack 10x more densely and take 98% less management, saving you time, money and sanity. Tintri offers you choice—the ability to use one or more hypervisors and to optimize the location of your workloads across All-flash and Hybrid-flash systems.


Consolidate all your workloads onto a single flash array that's fast, flexible, and economical.

Tegile Systems delivers flash-driven enterprise storage arrays that balance performance, capacity, features and price for virtualization, file services and database applications. Tegile’s patented IntelliFlash™ technology accelerates performance and enables inline deduplication and compression. Tegile’s award-winning solutions enable customers to better address the requirements of server virtualization, virtual desktop integration and database integration than any other offerings. Featuring both NAS and SAN connectivity, Tegile arrays are easy-to-use, fully redundant and highly scalable. They come complete with built-in snapshot, remote-replication, near-instant recovery, onsite or offsite failover, and VM-aware features.


Nexsan by Imation
Hybrid, Data Archiving, and SAN Storage

Imation's Nexsan™ SAN storage arrays provide scalable storage and hybrid systems that scale in capacity and performance. Get enterprise-class reliability, performance and high-density for traditional and virtual environments; achieve efficiency in data protection and archiving.


Software Defined, Object-Based, 3D Scale-Out Storage

Amplidata provides a scale out storage system technology designed to improve storage providers ability to meet increasing demands for capacity and reliability as well as meet their internal demands of simplified management and power efficiency. Amplidata has developed a Distributed Storage System (DSS) technology designed to solve the scalability and reliability problems traditional storage systems face, by taking advantage of the introduction of large capacity SATA drives and solid state disk. By storing data across a selection of disks that are widely distributed across storage nodes, racks and sites, the DSS architecture spreads the risk of hardware failure to ensure that a failure of a component such as a disk, storage node or even a full rack has no impact on data availability and a minimal impact on data redundancy.